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Labelling service

Proper labelling and signage

Systems and cables should not only work perfectly, but also be labelled professionally. With our labelling service we ensure that all necessary information is complete and legible and permanently attached where it is needed.

Engraving of signs

  • Models: control cabinet signs, slide-in labels, type plates, cable labelling
  • Materials: aluminium, plastic, brass
  • Shape and size: round & square, max. 300 x 200 mm

Shrink tubes

  • Diameter: 2 – 50 mm
  • Colors: white, yellow, black
  • indelible
  • flexibility of the wire remains
  • permitted for military field

Plastic signs

  • Applications: slide-in labels for terminal designations of all manufacturers
  • Properties: abrasion-resistant, permitted for military field
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