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Electromechanical assemblies

Competitive advantage thanks to specialisation

The installation of electromechanical assemblies is a significant specialisation within our portfolio. As a supplier, we manufacture functional units of technical equipment from electronic and mechanical components. Our industrial customers like using this service in order to outsource some of their production without foregoing fast, precise and particularly reliable groundwork.

Increase in efficiency by outsourcing production

The particular added value for our customers is that we bring our own knowledge, lots of experience and a high level of creativity by providing an objective outside view. The result is in smaller or larger optimisations, with which we often exceed the expectations of our customers. Our offer in the area of electromechanical assemblies ranges from prototype construction to small and large quantities through to series production.

Your benefits:

  • Assured quality: Certified processes and documentation i.a.w. DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Cost reduction: We finance the material, as well as the storage and personnel costs, in advance
  • Guarantee: We provide the warranty for the supplied assemblies
  • Production optimisation: Streamlining and flexibility measures by outsourcing
  • Increase in efficiency: Shorter delivery times, as well as reduced design and development services
  • Logistics/Delivery: We ensure that everything arrives exactly where it is needed
  • Material availability: Our large warehouse ensures fast delivery at all times
  • Full-service management: Minimisation of your administrative costs and work
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